Suhani decides to stop Neil’s engagement, and unite him with Ragini in Sony’s Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar.

In Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar, Agam takes Suhani to meet Nishi. She gets happy meeting her. Suhani and Ragini talk about Neil. Ragini says he changed his name from Nachiket to Neil after going to US. Ragini says after Rupali’s dead, Neil stopped trusting her and without trust, it was difficult to stay together. Suhani thinks both mom and dad misunderstand each other. Suhani calls Agam and tells their doubt was right. Agam says they wil have do something and unite them once Nivedita leaves dad. Later in the morning Suhani does the aarti with Ragini and family. Naani hesitantly gives prasad to Suhani. Suhani says she performed aarti first time in life and is very excited. Ragini says it is ram navami and her wish will be fulfilled. Suhani prays god to do some miracle and unite her parents.

Arav gets irked seeing Ranbir and Shilpa holding each other’s hand in Karan’s restaurant. Arav says Karan he needs his advice to become successful like him. Karan tells about his experience, He asks Arav to study first and then start business. Arav says he wants to do business first. Ranbir interferes and says some people are always in a hurry. They both start fighting. Raj intervenes and asks them to stop fighting. Naani tells Suhani she knows she is Suhani and if Ragini will know, she will not spare her. Suhani cries and tells that she wants to unite mom and dad. She tells that Neil is not her real father, but just gave his name. She says her dad is Ronnie who used to stay in US and left her mom before she was born. She cries vigorously and says Ragini and Neil divorced because of her, she would have died instead before being born. Naani consoles her.

Badi naani speaks to Ragini and says he wants to go to ram mandir only with her and Neil. Ragini agrees and informs him. Aman comes and asks her to come and check new equipments. She asks him to join them. Pam comes and tells Neil he should go with Nivedita to select engagement sari. Neil says he is a bit busy and asks Nivedita to go alone. Nivedita takes Karan’s car and it breaks down. Aman passes by, sees her and offers to give her a lift. Ragini and Neil reach home. Suhani sees them and gets back to her room. Ragini and Neil take badi naani to temple. A beggar identifies and blesses them. Ragini prays god to keep her children and Neil well. Neil prays god to give Ragini happiness which she deserves. Badi naani prays god to reunite Neil and Ragini. Aman helps Nivedita selects sari and gets along with her well. He shows 2 saris and says she can select 1.

Nivedita thinks if he had really married Ragini, he would have made her life hell. Neil and Ragini see Nishi and Jignesh in temple arguing. Nishi says she does not want to fast while Jignesh says she has to as per Baa’s wishes. Ragini tells Nishi that she has to fast as per rituals and can eat fruits and milk shakes, etc. Nishi agrees. Aman takes Nivedita to a roadside pav bhaji stall. She thinks how can she eat such an unhygienic food. She then sees Neil in car with Ragini and asks Aman if he saw them. He says Baa was also with them. She says he is not Ragini’s husband, so it does not affect him at all. Aman gets shocked and doesn’t know what to say. Pam goes to Karan’s restaurant for lunch after shopping.

Raj comes with paneer tikka masala. Pam says she loves it. He says it is for Devika. Pam angrily adds bowl full of salt in dish. Badi naani thanks Neil for taking her to temple like a son. He says he is like her son. Ragini asks naani where is Kareena. Neil asks who is Kareena. She asks if he remembers that hospitalized girl, she met him again and is about to continue when Arav comes and interrupts them. Neil asks Ragini to let him study and work both. Ragini says he focuses on one thing at a time and will neither study or work. Neil says Arav has promised that he will do both and if he fails, he will study and work again. Arav promises.

Nivedita calls Neil and asks to select a saree from the sent pic. He asks her to pick pink sari and cuts call. She thinks Neil is ignoring her a lot and it is not a good sign. Nivedita tells Pam that she saw Suhani in Ragini’s house. Pam says Suhani is in Delhi. Nivedita says she is staying there as Kareena and Agam knows this. Pam angrily goes to Agam’s room and asks where is Suhani. He says in Delhi. She asks him to stop lying. He says he will never let Nivedita or anybody come in between them. Nivedita tells Pam that she will get back Suhani as her life is at risk. Pam says let us wait until Neil himself finds Suhani in Ragini’s house Aman comes to Ragini’s room and informs her that Nivedita knows about them.

Ragini says Neil doesn’t know anything or else he would have confront her. Suhani comes with naani, and Aman leaves. Suhani asks where did Aman uncle go. Ragini goes without answering. Pam tells Neil that Panditji told engagement muhurath is very auspicious and they should go ahead. Neil agrees. Nivedita asks him to come and check her shopping items. He says he does not want Nivedita interfere his private space and leaves. Nivedita starts her emotional blackmail. Pam says Ragini is a big menace for their family. She took away her daadaji, Neil and even children from her. Suhani speaks to Neil over phone and asks how is he. He says he is missing her. Suhanu tells Ragini that she will go home tomorrow and gets emotional. Ragini says she will miss her. Suhani asks what if she will know that girl is not Neil’s, will she accept him. Ragini says if it is true, he would have told her 15 years ago, why is he keeping quiet.

Ragini says she has habituated to live alone now. Suhani asks what about Aman. She says she is not married to Aman and he is just her boss and philosopher. Suhani gets happy. Dimpy gets Nivedita ready for engagement. Pam praises her beauty. Raj asks Neil to wear sherwani for engagement. Neil says Nivedita is Suhani’s aunt and will take care of her like a mother. Neil asks Pam about Agam. She lies to him that he has a head ache so he is in his room. Agam says Ranbir he wants to attend dad’s engagement and tries to leave. Ranbir stops him and says he will never let him or Suhani interrupt engagement. Suhani calls Agam, but Ranbir picks call and says Agam is not there. She thinks she will have to reach the engagement venue and inform dad first. Keep reading.

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