Suhani clears the misunderstandings between Neil and Ragini and unites them in Sony’s Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar.

In Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar, Arav is going somewhere. Ragini asks him where he’s going. He says Nivedita invited him in her and Neil’s engagement. Nani was going to try and stop him, but Sunny Tai says let her handle him. Arav leaves. Neil is also looking at his family photo with Ragini and kids. Pam brings Nivedita. Neil also comes. The rituals begin. Priest explains rituals of Roka ceremony. Priest says both families will exchange shaguns. Nivedita says no one is from her family. Pam says she will give shaguns on her behalf. Neil’s engagement is done with Nivedita. Suhani enters, Pam tries to stop Neil, but he doesn’t listen and goes to Agam and Suhani. Neil asks Suhani to answer his question first. He asks why she went there, when he already told her that Ragini hates her.

Suhani says Ragini saved her life when she didn’t even know she’s Suhani. They tell him everything from lying to Pam about going to Delhi and then going to Ragini’s house. Neil asks her to say it openly. Suhani says Ragini is single. She hasn’t married. Dr. Aman is just her good friend. She still loves him. Neil recalls closeness of Aman and Ragini. He says everything was in front of his eyes and he still couldn’t see it. How he believed that Ragini can marry someone else. He should have known that it was lie on first day. Aman thinks he has to divert Ragini’s mind towards Neil. He goes to Ragini’s room and asks her to come with him as he has a surprise.

Neil comes to hospital and does not find Ragini. Dr Devika says she went with her husband. Aman takes Ragini to her home. Aman says he will prepare pakoras for her. Agam goes to Pam’s room with suhani and sees her crying. They both try to console her. Pam says she is not their mother and says Suhani is Rupali’s daughter and Agam is Neil’s son, so she is just their aunt. Neil goes to Ragini’s house and sees Aman there. Aman asks how come he is here. Neil asks where did he marry Ragini? Neil says she lied to him that she is married to Aman. She reminisces getting shocked seeing Suhani’s pic with Agam and Neil. She asks Neil when he knew she cannot tolerate Suhani a bit, why did he send Suhani to her home. He says Suhani lied to him and came here. She says he is lying again and says even 15 years ago, he lied and hurt her feelings.

Nivedita asks Suhani, what did she tell Neil? She says she told him everything that Ragini is not married to Aman and hopes they both unite soon. Agam comes there and takes Suhani to Neil’s room. Suhani apologizes to him for lying. Suhani tells to agam that earlier dad misunderstood mom and now mom misunderstands dad, they don’t know how to unite them. Agam says they should go and clear Ragini’s misunderstanding. They reach Ragini’s home, Ragini asks her to get out and stop calling her mom. Ragini says she is Rupali and Neil’s daughter. Suhani says she wants both to reunite. Ragini says it cannot happen. They reach home and ask Neil to forgive mom and reunite with her. Suhani says there is one way to clear her misunderstanding. He asks what he should do now. She says DNA test.

Ragini reads DNA report and starts crying that she misunderstood Neil for 15 years and reminisces alleging Neil that he is having affair with Rupali. He calls Neil and asks him to come to the spot where she used to wait for him 20 years ago. He says he will and rushes to the spot. He says he cannot see her crying. She apologizes to him and asks to forgive her. In the flashback, Ragini tells Neil that Arav came home and tells her that Kareena is Suhani and she was calling Neil as papa. Ragini says she will tell how her papa is and says Suhani is Neil’s illegal child. Suhani asks if pathology people came. She asks why. Suhani is about to tell Nivedita about DNA test when Agam comes and stops her. Nivedita informs Pam about Suhani getting her and Neil’s DNA test to prove she is not Neil’s daughter and wants to unite Ragini and Neil.

Pam says she will never let that happen. Nivedita thinks all her plans are failing and she has to stoop to any level to marry Neil. Suhani and Agam reach Ragini’s cabin with DNA report. Ragini says she does not want to see Suhani’s face and asks her to get out. Suhani says she brought Neil and her DNA report. Ragini throws report and asks her to get out. They both sadly leave… Ragini then picks report and is shocked to see Suhani is not Neil’s daughter. She crying walks to the spot where used to meet Neil.

It is shown that all incidents were Ragini’s flashback and she apologizes to Neil for doubting him. She says during their 4 years of marriage, he never looked at any girl but she alleged, why he didn’t try to explain her. He says he tried, but because of her ego and self-respect, she never gave him chance. She says we both loved each other that we could not see any mistakes. They both hug each other. She says she is feeling so peaceful after 15 years and missed a lot of things, Agam and Ranbir’s childhood, he says Nishi and Arav’s childhood. They continue telling each incident. He says we both should live together from hereon along with our children. Nivedita comes and acts as getting shocked. Keep reading.

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