Sandhya trains Sooraj for the Kabaddi competition in Diya Aur Baati Hum

Sooraj gets sad after the guarantor refuses to help him. The man says will he make hotel without any help, and says person should dream as per his status. He taunts Sooraj and laughs on him. Aryan says he wants to play and win in kabaddi tournament. The men beat all aspiring kabaddi players and hit on their legs. Aryan comes home. They are shocked seeing his leg fractured and wounded. Aryan says I needed this chance, I wanted to play and become best player, as it was 50 lakhs prize money, I could not do anything, I thought to win it and give the money to Sooraj for making hotel. He apologizes to Sooraj. Bulbul talks to Ankur and explains him how Sandhya has lost everything by giving them Vansh.

Sooraj talks about kabaddi to Sandhya and Aryan. She worries thinking can he win or not. Sooraj says I don’t want my family to have trouble by my dream, I free you all from worries, your shop is on my name, I will make it on your name, so that they can stay happily. Bhabho stops him. She says no need for Sooraj’s sign, and asks Meenakshi does she not trust him. Sooraj says its not about trust, anyone can have fear or insecurity. Sooraj says if he signs and makes them happy and free of fear, then it will be good to see their real love, I want to get in kabaddi ground by my family’s support, they are my strength.

Bhabho comes to meet Ankur and xplains him that she can tell Vansh the truth in minutes and take him away. He says I m not afraid of anything. She asks then why did we become culprit to meet Vansh, love does not have selfishness, love means sacrifice which Sandhya did, and you snatched Vansh from him. Sooraj comes in kabaddi uniform. Sooraj takes Bhabho’s blessings. Vansh comes to meet Ved. Everyone is stunned seeing him and smile. They are shocked seeing Ankur in their home after 6 years. He asks Sandhya will she not forgive her brother. Sandhya holds his hand and hugs her. Ved asks her why is she hugging Vansh’s dad. Ankur says I m your Mama, I m Sandhya’s elder brother.

Sooraj kisses Vansh and Sandhya hugs him. Sooraj says I m very happy as two families became on again, is this dream or reality and hugs Ankur. Ankur asks Sooraj about kabaddi training. Sooraj says its long story, but Sandhya is training me. Ankur says great, police officer are very strict. Sandhya starts training Sooraj. Sooraj does well. Bhabho packs Sooraj’s bag. Ved sees the pic and says he will miss his dad a lot, he is going away from 15 days. Sandhya asks Sooraj to work hard and succeed. Daisa says Sooraj will not understand, whats the use to go on new way. Sooraj asks Ved to take care of everyone, and hugs him.

Later on, Ved tells Sandhya that there are goons in temple. Ved tells her that goons are beating the pandit and asking for keys. She goes and sees the goons taking keys. They take the bag and fill it with the cash and jewelry. Sandhya sees the goons and sends Ved to inform Bhabho. Ved informs Bhabho. Sandhya starts beating them. Sandhya falls down. She recalls Sooraj’s words and when he said how will she do her duty after giving a kidney. The goon tries to attack her and Zakir comes there. He holds the goon’s hand and saves Sandhya. The police comes and arrests the goons. Bhabho thanks Zakir. Zakir says he is transferred today.

Ved asks is he your friend. Zakir talks to him and says he is SSP Zakir. The guard asks the people to leave in the bus, no one wil come to meet them. Sooraj gets teary eyed. Balwant comes and asks them to understand they don’t need them. The people protest that they will not go without meeting Madam. The man says fine, I will make you meet her. She says they all are chosen, the camp is not cancelled. They get happy. She says she did not wish to hurt them, but to test their passion, she wanted to see how many people have player’s spirit and she wants to see will they run to get the last bus and get greedy for the fare.

Aditi says they can get in the team by selection of best 10 performers. She says they will be tested and she will choose only the best. Zakir talks to Sandhya and says he needs an officer in a big mission, who has smartness and passion, that is her. She asks him to understand, its about the country’s security and she is not physically fit with one kidney. Will Sooraj be able to get chosen in the kabaddi team? Keep reading.

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