Samar starts falling in love with Laxmi in Dream Girl

Laxmi stops Prem and Karan and presents a striking audition. Prem is mesmerized by her talent. She says her dad asks her to see herself with her eyes, that she is beautiful, as just inner beauty matters. Prem says she will get the chance, he will take her audition. She says she has given her audition, and turns to remove the black makeup and shows her real face. Prem says someone impressed him after many years, your talent is your identity. She touches his feet. He stops her and gives his watch as a token of blessing. Laxmi comes home. Bua ji says her dad is angry. Laxmi hugs Bua ji and says she has shined in auditions, I will tell him the truth. She says everyone was shocked seeing my acting and liked it. Bua ji brings laddoos.

Samar says he was there with Laxmi and asks her did she say the main thing to him. Laxmi says Prem Sareen gave me this. Samar says Papa’s watch and is stunned. Laxmi says this watch is for Papa. He smiles seeing the watch and says I m happy that you are fulfilling your dreams. Prem says he liked a girl, she has the thing we are finding, she stunned me. Ayesha thinks who is she, is she Laxmi. Ayesha asks Karan about auditions and he lies about Laxmi. Ayesha and Manav sit seeing the auditions video. Karan thinks they should not see Laxmi. He makes water fall on the laptop. Laxmi tells Samar that she went for Samar’s film audition and I felt he will be there, I would tell him everything.

He says Samar Sareen, as I m the fake one since few days, fine don’t say, your wish. She holds his hand and asks him to see in her eyes. She says as if we are lost in each other’s eyes and are away from everyone. She says he will propose me. Laxmi’s dad says he wishes to see Navrang. Laxmi tells Samar that Ayesha will tell her dad everything and her dad will take her back home. Samar asks her not to get annoyed, he will do something. He says he will make fake world of Samar Sareen and makes her smile. Samar brings Bua ji, Laxmi, Karthik and her dad in car to some shoot set. They see the film city and like it. Samar asks his friend did he manage everything. He introduces him as director. Laxmi and Samar start acting a scene.

The director says fantastic shot. Laxmi hugs her dad and cries. Her dad says it did not look she is acting, it was great. Karan comes there. Laxmi sees him and is shocked. Samar sees Karan and gets tensed. He thinks Karan can create problem for Laxmi and worries. Samar says he came as Raj Samosewala. Karan says there is something, that he is scared and not meeting eyes, not wishing to meet Ayesha, there is something, I wish to get this secret to use it against you on right time. Meera runs away with Dhruv. Nandini blames Ayesha to be irresponsible. Manav gets worried and seeks police help to find Meera.

Ayesha asks Samar to come and talk. Samar says your assistant is my friend Payal, her father and brother wanted to meet you. She asks him to call them. Ayesha thanks him as Navrang has efficient people, and says Payal is good. Samar lies saying her character name is Payal. Her dad says about Laxmi and does not take name. Ayesha gives her autograph and her phone rings. She talks to Manav and asks how did Meera go, I m coming, don’t worry. Ayesha comes home and asks what happened. Nandini and Sona scold her and asks what does she know how a mum cares for children, she is dream girl, an actress, and just time pass with my children.

Karthik gets to know Laxmi’s truth and scolds her for cheating them. Samar defends Laxmi and answers Karthik. He says she wanted to fulfill his needs and she is selfish, no she can be anything, but not selfish, is it easy to become heroine in six months, she is working hard I navrang studios, she just lied on my saying, people hide their pains and show they are happy, so what if she lied for their happiness, and he is sure this lie will turn true, she will become dream girl. Karthik asks Laxmi to make her lie true and hugs Samar. The police brings Meera and Dhruv home.

Dhruv tells everyone that he was hired to become Dhruv and Nandini asks who hired him. Dhruv goes to Ayesha and turns to point to Nandini. Dhruv says Nandini hired him. Manav scolds Nandini and says we were listening you, but remember don’t come in this house and don’t meet my kids, else I will call police. Nandini cries and loses to Ayesha. Will Nandini prove Ayesha wrong? How will Laxmi fulfill her Dream Girl aspirations? Keep reading.

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