Rudra sacrifices half of his powers to calm Hal-Hal clouds in Mahakumbh

Katherine gets scared recalling that she is standing between fire. She wakes up and looks around. She gets afraid seeing Shivanand. Maya says when I saw you last time, you became my life partner. Rudra says no Maya, the one who loved is Rudra, and you are wife of Mahakumbh’s protector, who can’t keep his marriage and love before his duty. Rao has cameras there in her room, and sees Maya and Rudra. Rao tells Grierson that Rudra is sending Maya away to save her, and Maya is going away to make his mission fulfilled. Balivesh asks his men to get info. He comes to know Rudra is alive and Maya got fine.

Devesh says even I knew this, but Grierson has hidden this from us, he cheated us, I told before we can’t trust anyone, we have to do something to make our place in this fight. Rao comes to bus depot and talks to Maya. He asks is she going. She nods. He asks did she think about Rudra, after she leaves, Naags have killed all his family members, and even his friend Punnu. Maya is shocked. Rao brings Maya back. Maya comes to meet Leela. She sees Leela sleeping. Maya says I don’t know why you came here, but you saved Rudra’s life. Tiwari comes there and asks Rudra to come with him, Ganga’s water is turning black suddenly.

Guru comes and says Dansh, forget Rudra, we got a bigger challenge, and shows Ganga water turning black. Dansh says as it has poison. Katherine tells Charles that this is warning that its time to get Amrit and out death. Charles says shut up. Maya shouts seeing Rao getting attacked. Rudra tackles the Ganga water problem. He gets Garuda weapon and recalls Bhairavi asking him to keep it safe, as it will be of use in big danger. Rudra raises the Garuda weapon and some light comes in it. He puts it in Ganga and people look on, how the river turns into white color again. The weapon takes the poison and throws some light into the sky. The sky also turns white and clear. Tiwari asks Rudra about the fire cloud.

Rudra says I don’t understand, don’t let anyone step in Ganga. Rudra says its not much time for Maha Shivratri, their belief should not break. He looks at the cloud circle in the sky. All the devotees look at the circle forming in the sky. Bhairavi tells Naags that everything can end before Amrit comes. Devesh tells Balivesh about their vital role in Mahakumbh. Rudra comes to jungle and meets Bhairavi. She says I can’t come. He says I have to take you, if you will or you don’t will. She hits the ground and he sees a storm. Bhairavi disappears. Rudra comes to Maai Mui and says I know you are here.

She says you took poison from Ganga, but where did it go, the cloud came after the poison went towards the sky, the poison became this cloud, its not ordinary poison, only Shiv could bear this, every 144 years Vish surfaces before Amrit. She says only sacrificing feeling can calm this, your sacrifice in Mahakumbh begins from here. Dansh drives and an old man comes infront of his car. He asks him to move and is shocked seeing his face.

Bhairavi says Garuda’s half strength is within them and half of it in their weapon, like my stick and your sword, they come in use when we need it the most, now you have to give away your weapon to this problem, to end it, that’s sacrificing your half strength, but you can’t stop this forever. Rudra comes near the Ganga and looks at the sky. He holds the Garuda weapon towards the sky and some light strikes the clouds. He gets weakened losing some powers and Bhairavi looks on. The weapon disappears and Rudra sees the clouds getting cleared and good sunlight. She blesses him and says you proved Rudra, that protector is one who ends the darkness and brings new morning of life.

Rudra says its for just some time, the cloud has poison, which can rain poison, we have to stop it. Tiwari says we are ordinary people, and can’t do this without our powers, we will go outside of Mahakumbh and try to save our lives. Dansh brings the old man to Naag tent and bows down to him. He cleans his feet and smiles. He apologizes to him. Devesh and Balivesh look on. Dansh presents the milk to that old man and he drinks it by his long tongue. Devesh and Balivesh get stunned knowing its Dansh’s Mahaguru. Will Rudra be able to unite the Garudas? Keep reading.

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