Ratan Singh forces Anmol to marry Sushant in Sony’s Muh Boli Shaadi.

In Muh Boli Shaadi, Nidhi sees Anmol written with flowers in the balcony and shows it to Anmol. Anmol gets tensed and says they have to rush before anyone sees it.They see a bouquet on the stairs and get tensed. Ratan Singh and Mala come there and say you should have told me atleast. We have caught him. Sushant comes and says Hi, Ms. Anmol. Anmol looks on surprisingly. Nikhil sees Anmol’s 30 misscalls and wonders what has happened. Nikhil calls Anmol, but she couldn’t pick the call. Sushant bends down on his knees and says I really love you Anmol. Sushant says we can lead a successful married life and proposes her with a rose and asks for marriage. Anmol looks on shockingly. Ratan Singh says Anmol is shying and her answer is yes.
Ratan Singh hugs Sushant and announces Anmol and Sushant’s engagement. Ratan Singh forcibly feeds sweets in Anmol’s mouth and looks angrily. Anmol rushes to her room and tells Nidhi that her dreams have been shattered. Ratan Singh comes and makes Anmol sit and says marriage is really a strange thing. He says he is happy as she is getting married, but sad as his daughter will leave his house. Anmol thinks she can’t lie to her papa and thinks to tell the truth.Nikhil comes home and looks at lightings at Ratan Singh’s house. Seema says Nikhil about Anmol’s engagement. Nikhil is shocked. Ratan Singh asks Anmol to wear the jewellery and says people should know that today is your engagement. Anmol nods yes and takes the jewellery and comes to her room and cries.

Nikhil comes to Anmol’s room secretly. Anmol cries hugging him. Nikhil says he wants to talk to Anmol and Nidhi. He talks to Anmol, Nidhi and Seema, and asks them not to discuss about their marriage with anyone. Ratan Singh asks Pandit ji to take out mahurat. Pandit ji takes out mahurat for Anmol and Sushant’s marriage. Ratan Singh says it will be a surprise for Anmol. It will not be her engagement, but marriage. Ratan Singh says he has taken a decision and Anmol’s marriage will happen tomorrow and says he ordered mangalsutra also. Nikhil asks Anmol to get engaged with Sushant and says you don’t need to worry, as he will make everything fine. Nikhil gifts Anmol a mangalsutra. Anmol says it’s perfect and hugs Nikhil.
Anmol calls Nikhil and says she won’t wear the ring from someone else. Anmol asks him to see her in lehenga first and disconnects the call. Anmol tells to Nidhi that tomorrow will be their first month marriage anniversary. Nikhil calls Nidhi and ask her to bring Anmol. Nidhi blindfolds Anmol and takes her to Nikhil. He opens the cloth from her eyes. Anmol is happy to see the arrangements. Nikhil gifts her bridal lehenga. Anmol gets happy. Nikhil asks her to change, so that he could see her in it. Anmol comes wearing the bridal lehenga. Nikhil praises her beauty. Anmol smiles and gets shy. Nikhil and Anmol feed sweets to each other. Nikhil says he understands his wife emotions well and says he will be with her always. In the morning, Anmol gives best wishes to Nikhil for exam.

Neelam brings haldi for Anmol and asks Anmol to apply haldi as it will increase her beauty. Nikhil is leaving for an exam and looks for Anmol. Anmol comes out and gives him prasad. Nikhil says he was waiting for her. A Jeweller comes to Ratan Singh house to deliver mangalsutra. Anmol receives it and is shocked to see mangalsutra. Anmol asks the jeweller about the mangalsutra. The Jeweller says Neelam got it made for her niece marriage.Anmol is shocked. Ratan Singh comes home and says to Mala that Anmol should not know about her marriage. Anmol comes in and is shocked to hear him. Ratan Singh says whatever you have heard is true. Anmol cries and asks why you are getting me married without informing me. What did I do?
Ratan Singh asks her to ask herself and says you still have feelings for Pandit’s son. Anmol accepts to have feelings for Nikhil and says she loves him very much. Anmol says if you wants to keep me happy, then please don’t get me married to Sushant. I will die. Ratan Singh says you can’t marry Nikhil. You will get married today only. He reminds her that she is his respect, prestige and ego. He says your father’s respect will be ruined with your move. Anmol cries and says you have fulfill all my wishes then why not this one. She says I love you a lot. She says don’t you have any respect for my feelings. Anmol faints and falls down. Doctor checks Anmol and tells that she fainted because of stress.

Anmol says her love is not weak and she can’t break the promise made to Nikhil. Nidhi asks Anmol to call and inform Nikhil about the marriage. Neelam thinks her plan is not working well as Nikhil is away for exam and Anmol is bonded by the promise. Neelam asks Nidhi to apply Haldi on Anmol’s face and makes her ready for marriage as mahurat will be in sometime. Ratan Singh greets Inspector Sushil. Sushil says to Neelam regarding Nikhil marriage and his wife. Neelam gets an idea and asks sushil to meet Anmol to make her exposed infront of everyone. Mala brings Anmol covering her face under a veil. Anmol sits in the mandap with Sushant. Neelam thinks Anmol will be exposed once she takes off her veil. Nikhil reads the letter left by Nidhi and is shocked. Keep reading.

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