Radha exposes Neha’s truth in Mere Rang Mein Rangne Wali

Radha brings Dada ji for the aarti. Dadi Bua is happy and says he is attending the aarti after many days. Sadhna takes Dada ji’s blessings. Radha says she accepts LD’s condition and says she will change this house within 2 weeks and will get the house back to past run. Jayshree is about to take the aarti plate, but Radha stops her and says Sadhna will do the aarti. Radha thanks Kanha ji for giving her strength to keep her family united. She asks for strength to reach her goal. She goes to LD and asks him to take aarti. LD goes without saying anything. Radha thinks LD didn’t take the aarti and is drunk.

Neha says we have to fight with Radha now. She shows the house papers and says she brought it from Radha’s room. She says we shall burn it and throw. Jayshree looks surprised and says we won’t get money then. Radha tells LD that she can also have a cigarette and tries to light it, but couldn’t. LD helps her. Radha thinks LD has become stranger to her. Radha asks Jayshree to pack her bags and leave, else she have to work. She tells Sadhna that she is going to attend the function. Sadhna makes her eat sweet.

Kabir thanks the audience and introduces Radha to them. Radha thanks media and the audience. They ask her working experience with Kabir. Radha says he is her God father, inspiration and mentor, and she has learnt so much from him. Kabir tells Radha that this is for our chemistry. He holds her closer. LD is jealous and pulls Radha towards him. Jayshree scolds Chameli for ruining her plan, says she wanted to shock Dada ji and make him fine. Sadhna is shocked and asks Dada ji to get well soon for everyone else their family will be shattered. Kabir asks Radha to pack her bags and leave for Mumbai. He says it is an order. Kabir says I can’t afford to lose you.

Shivani thinks whatever happened is good, she can now concentrate on her career. Radha thinks to shift money to safe place. Nehe peeps in her room and thinks she will steal the money. Radha hides seeing Jayshree coming and drops the money loaded bag on Neha’s feet. Once Jayshree leaves, Radha goes to hide the money. Radha keeps the suitcase and leaves. Neha takes the suitcase. She is about to drink water and sees Sadhna, Murli, LD, Radha and other staring her. Murli says Neha. Radha says she is Chaturi, our servant. Jayshree comes holding the suitcase and says she won’t let Neha go. Sadhna says Murli might be thinking we are lying. Jayshree says everyone should be thankful to me. I saved Radha’s money.

Neha says she was stealing money. Neha asks Murli to say something. Murli is in shock and hurt. LD holds Neha’s hand and kicks her out of the house. Radha is packing her stuff and recalls Kabir and LD’s fight. She thinks whenever she is in problem, LD comes to her rescue. She gets sad thinking about LD’s girlfriend. LD is reminiscing Kabir holding Radha and thinks why he gets tensed whenever she is in problem. He thinks he won’t let her play with his feelings. Sadhna tells Shyamali that they are going through a bad phase. LD says problems are increasing and nothing seems to be fine. He asks her not to give false hope to Shyamali and says this family is broken.

Sadhna says Radha initiated to get our house on right track. You gave her two weeks time, it is her first move towards it. We can appreciate her for this. She asks Shyamali not to cry. She says Murli will understand her value now. She tells LD that she wants her old joving, fun loving, playful LD back. LD thinks he should thanks Radha. Kabir calls Radha and asks her to tell that she is his heroine. Radha looks at LD and says she is his heroine. LD gets jealous seeing Radha telling Kabir on phone. Shyamali comes to her room and sees Murli tensed.

She massages his head, but he asks her to go away from him. He says you won’t get a place in my life. He says his love for Neha is not weak and he won’t come back to her. Murli angrily goes. LD thinks about Radha’s words that she is Kabir’s heroine. He thinks about Radha’s closet with Kabir, and thinks he can’t be weaken again. He thinks to distract himself away from Radha. Will Radha save LD’s family from breaking? Keep reading.

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