Nikhil and Anmol romance secretly after their marriage in Sony’s Muh Boli Shaadi.

In Muh Boli Shaadi, Bua ji talks to Nikhil about his wedding. Nikhil asks her about post wedding ceremony. Anmol is happy to know that Nikhil has planned a surprise for her. Neelam tells Kathori to keep an eye on Anmol. Kathorib tells her that Anmol is in her room being unwell. Anmol secretly goes to balcony. Nikhil does post wedding rituals with her. Neelam thinks to keep an eye on Anmol herself. Anmol and Nikhil share romantic moments. Anmol says they shall wait until they get acceptance from their family. Nikhil says he will wait and understands her fully. Anmol and Nikhil gets romantic after the muh dikhayi ceremony. Nikhil tries to get closer, but Anmol asks him to have patience. Nikhil says I married you twice and shall get a kiss atleast. Nikhil holds his hand and asks her to get ready for tomorrow.

Anmol hears someone coming and rushes to balcony. Neelam asks what are you doing here. Nidhi comes and says they are searching for Anmol’s earring here. Anmol takes out her earring and drops it on the floor. She then pretends to get it. Anmol imagines Nikhil coming to Anmol’s room and kisses on her forehead. Nikhil tries to kiss her. Anmol says not now and pushes him. Neelam falls on the ground and says she is hurt. Nikhil asks himself not to take any tension as many times he used to do first time. He thinks to know from his friend and calls him. He hesitantly asks him about his first kiss. His friend tells about his experience. He thinks Anmol will laugh on him if he do any mistake and thinks to do something special. Neelam says she hopes to see Anmol and Sushant marry soon. Ratan Singh talks about Anmol’s marriage.

Anmol thinks he is talking about gym and tells to Nidhi. Ratan Singh says ok, then he will talk to Sushant’s dad. Anmol gets shocked and coughs. Neelam gives her water. Ratan Singh says once Anmol gets married, then we will shift to farmhouse as he doesn’t want Ashok or his son to do anything in Anmol’s marriage. Anmol gets worried about engagement with Sushant. She watches a couple kissing on the TV and says she needs to prepare for exam. Madan comes and says he saw a plot for her gym. Anmol gets happy and hugs him. Bua ji tries to get up to pick the tomatoes. Nikhil picks it, says my wife will do all the work once I marry and says you can rest then. Anmol thinks she is today’s modern girl and tells herself not to be scared as she can do it. Nikhil calls Anmol to a certain place and asks did you decide about the kiss.

Anmol says we are married now, so there is life ahead for kiss. Nikhil says I won’t force you if you are not comfortable. Anmol says you are my husband now and not boyfriend. I am comfortable and asks him to relax. Anmol tells about Ratan Singh wanting to fix her engagement. Nikhil gets angry. She says she have to pretend to be happy at home and cries. Nikhil says when you are Mrs. Nikhil Tiwari then how can you marry someone else. He assures her that no one can separate them. The Inspector comes there with constables. Nikhil says we are not boyfriend and girl friend, but married couple. The Inspector asks them to show proofs. Anmol says they don’t have. Nikhil says our marriage is not registered yet, but I have court slip. The Inspector asks Anmol to prove that she is his wife and asks about her husband’s name. Anmol says Nikhil Tiwari and fails to say Ashok’s name as she didn’t know his name. Nikhil gets the marriage registration slip and shows the Inspector.

Inspector accepts that they are married. He asks them not to roam in such isolated places. Nikhil starts the scooter and drops Anmol near her car. Ashok says no one is calling him for puja and he is paying for the trick played during Tulsi Vihaan. Bua ji asks him to mingle with people and gets work. Ashok gets irked. Anmol and Nikhil come home in their respective vehicles. Pratap says did he trouble you. Anmol says I didn’t even notice him. Ashok asks Nikhil to teach him computers. Nikhil agrees and sits to teach him. Pratap tells that he wants to teach a lesson to Nikhil. Anmol thinks Pratap is behind her husband and tells Pratap to unscrew the tyres. He does it.

Anmol thinks she has to inform Nikhil and calls him, but Nikhil is busy with Ashok and doesn’t pick her call. Bua ji asks Nikhil to drop her at the temple. Anmol tries to call Nikhil, but he doesn’t hear her. Nikhil leaves on his scooter with Bua ji. Anmol gets tensed. She sees Bua ji coming back with sprain in her legs and feels bad. Anmol tells Nidhi that Police came there and enquire with them. Anmol says she doesn’t know Pandit’s name when Inspector asked her, so she make excuses. Anmol and Nidhi laugh. Kathori hears them and informs Neelam. Ratan Singh hears them and shouts Anmol. Anmol comes. Ratan Singh asks where did you go today. Anmol says she went to see the site today. Ratan Singh tells Kathori, did you hear her. He dismisses her from the work and asks her to leave. Keep reading.

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