Nikhil and Anmol get their marriage register in court in Sony’s Muh Boli Shaadi.

In Muh Boli Shaadi, during the Tulsi Pooja, Ashok halts the pooja and says the sweet bhog contains eggs. Akhil showing non veg marks on the sweets boxes and also brings the chef. Ashok says this is God’s insult. Ratan Singh asks Ashok to accept that he brought the egg sweets. Ratan Singh and Ashok wonder where is their children. Anmol and Nikhil hear their respective father’s call. Nikhil hides Anmol’s sindoor with forehead tika. Anmol pretends to fight with Nikhil. They are taken away by their respective families. Ashok gets happy and feels proud to insult Ratan Singh. Nikhil goes to balcony and waits for Anmol. Anmol gets happy and recalls her marriage with Nikhil. Nidhi comes and asks why you both were fighting like enemies. Anmol moves her hairs and shows the sindoor in her maang. Nidhi gets shocked and asks did you get marry?
Anmol says yes. Nidhi asks are you crazy? You know about the enmity of the families. Anmol says we will win with love. She says it is matter of six months now. We will marry again with our parents’ wish. Ratan Singh comes and blesses her. Anmol gets emotional and hugs him. He gives their phone back. Anmol and Nidhi thank him. Anmol comes to the balcony and talks to Nikhil. She says Nidhi called you jija ji today and laughs. Anmol says we have to live dual life now. Nikhil says we have become husband and wife now and asks what you will do after going back to room. Anmol says she will get shy and think about him. He says technically today should be our wedding night. Anmol blushes and says she brought milk for wedding night. Nikhil says you are my bride and asks her to wear ghunghat.

Anmol shyly wears her dupatta and smiles. She imagines Nikhil lookimg at her ghunghat and kissing her hand. She drops the glass of milk on the ground and gets tensed. Nikhil calls her Mrs. Anmol Nikhil Tiwari and says he have to sleep now. He says he has to get up at 4 am and study. Anmol says she will wake him up. Nikhil says I love you. Anmol says I love you too. Anmol manages to stay awake and wakes up Nikhil at 4 am. Anmol says I love you……..Nikhil says hmmm. She says I thought to wake you up romantically. Nikhil says I love you Mrs. Anmol Tiwari. Anmol smiles and disconnects the call. Anmol takes a selfie and sends to Nikhil. Nikhil laughs. Anmol sees the clock and says it is 9 am now and goes hurriedly. Ratan Singh greets Anmol.
Anmol says she didn’t get sleep in the night. Anmol gets happy seeing Rinku and happily hugs her. Rinku says she came for pagphera ritual. Anmol asks her about married life. Rinku says she was nervous before, but now they have come closer. She speaks about the marriage rituals. Anmol gets happy thinking about the rituals. She messages him about the post marriage rituals. They exchange messages. Rinku invites her for pagphera rasam and leaves. Anmol calls Nikhil and says she wrote a letter for him yesterday and it is in Ashok’s bag now. Ashok is going to court for solemnising marriage. Akhil brings the bag and specs and gives to Ashok. Nikhil manages to get the letter from Ashok, but he takes it back. He is about to read, just then crow’s potty falls on it. Ashok throws it and leaves.

Nikhil picks the letter and calls Anmol. He says our marriage was not properly done, that’s why I was talking about court marriage. Anmol says she don’t want to opt for court marriage. He says our marriage will be a joke, if we don’t register in the court. Anmol asks whether we didn’t marry and that’s why you are shouting at me. Nikhil says we are not legally married and we need proof for future. Nidhi tells that Nikhil called her and asked you to come to domestic court at 2 pm. Anmol asks did he say that he will wait for me. Nidhi says yes. Sushant comes to meet Anmol. Ratan Singh talks to him about business. Sushant asks for his permission to take Anmol for lunch. Anmol is shocked. Ratan Singh says we can’t send you both alone. Are you are okay, if Nidhi comes with you both. Sushant agrees.

Nikhil waits for Anmol outside the court. Nikhil gets worried thinking Anmol is not picking the call. Anmol, Nidhi and Sushant come to the ordinary restaurant. Sushant wonders why Anmol brought him there. She gets Nikhil’s call and says mummy we have reached Mangal Bhojnale. Nikhil says what? Anmol says this restaurant is near the court. Nikhil says oh, you have used Sushant to come out of home. Sushant says lets talk about each other. Anmol says ok. She says she doesn’t like geek people. She serves food in Sushant’s plate and then puts it on her clothes. She tells Sushant that she will go and clean it. Neelam wonders about Anmol’s plan and sends Kathori to go and check.

Anmol comes wearing the ghunghat and collides with Nikhil. Nikhil says sorry. Nikhil’s lawyer asks him to come inside and sign. Anmol sees Ashok and hides. Nikhil asks what happened? Anmol shows him Ashok standing there. Nikhil hides. Lawyer Ansari takes them inside. Magistrate asks them to sign on the register. Nikhil calls her Anmol Nikhil Tiwari and says no one can separate us now. They exchange garlands. Everyone congratulate them. Ashok comes to get some other couple marry. Ashok and Nikhil hear him and leave hurriedly. Anmol feels to take elders’ blessings. Nikhil asks her to take Ashok’s blessings. Anmol manages to get his blessings. Sushant says Anmol took a lot of time. Anmol comes and says she is feeling unwell. Sushant says we will go some other time. Kathori looks at them. Nikhil looks at the marriage registration paper and says he did what was written last in the chart. He searches for post marriage rituals on the net and thinks he have to fulfill one rasam for Anmol. Keep reading.

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