Neil stops his engagement with Nivedita, to reunite with Ragini in Sony’s Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar.

In Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar, Nivedita comes to the spot where Neil and Ragini met and cleared their misunderstanding. Neil asks Nivedita what is she doing here? She says he left his phone out, so she came following him. Ragini asks Neil to go back to Nivedita as he promised to marry her. Ragini goes back to hospital and says to Aman that Suhani is not Rupali and Neil’s daughter, but is Rupali and Ronnie’s daughter. She misunderstood Neil for 15 years. Aman says it is good that misunderstandings are cleared now, so they can reunite now. She says Neil is already engaged to Nivedita, so she cannot ruin their happiness.

Neil comes to Karan’s restaurant and tells that Ragini knows that Suhani is not his daughter. RK says it is good then, they both can reunite. Neil says he is committed to Nivedita and got engaged, so even Ragini wants him to marry Nivedita. RK asks him to select either Ragini or Nivedita closing his eyes and whoever he remembers most, he should move ahead with her. Neil reminisces Ragini.

Nivedita tells Pam that Neil was with Ragini. Pam says she knows her brother very well, they will never reunite and ask her not to keep pestering Neil and he will come back to her for sure. Arav invite Agam and Suhani for Dinner at Ragini house. Ragini thanks Suhani for clearing her and Neil’s misunderstanding and says she called her and Agam to celebrate. Suhani happily runs and hugs her. Suhani tells Neil that mom had invited her for a dinner and forgive her, now they all can live happily. Neil says he got engaged to Nivedita and nothing can be done now. Agam and Suhani get sad. Pam calls Aman and asks him to tell Ragini she will never let her reunite with Neil. He says he will not and cuts the call.

Nivedita’s mother and sisters come to meet her at Karan’s house. Arav comes there to collect advance from Nivedita to pay decorators. She asks him to manage someone as he is a businessman now. Neil sees him and asks if he needs something. He says no. Nivedita sisters tease Neil that he has to wait for some more days. Nivedita calls him in, but he leaves. Aman asks Ragini to go and tell Nivedita directly that she still loves Neil and wants him back. On the other side, RK asks Neil to tell Nivedita that he does not want to marry her. Ragini calls Neil and says Agam and Suhani came to her house. He says they informed him. He asks what did she prepare today? She says dal roti and will invite him next time. RK asks Neil to stop playing hide and seek with himself.

Arav meets Don Babu Bhai and says he needs money for his business. Babu Bhai asks how much money he needs. Arav says 10 lakhs and says he will return in 2-3 days once he gets payment. Babu Bhai gives him 6 days and asks him to return 10 lakhs with 2 lakhs interest. Arav agrees. Agam suggests Suhani she should ask Nivedita to back off from marriage. Suhani meets Nivedita and tells her mom and dad love each other a lot, so she should be back off from marriage. Nivedita starts crying and asks what about her. She says she loves Neil very much and will not break alliance. Suhani says dad does not love her and if she marries him, he will not love her that she deserves. Nivedita says Neil himself proposed her and she accepted him.

Suhani says she will get anyone and can live happily with him. She asks her to get ready for the engagement. Suhani sadly leaves. Agam comes with Suhani for the engagement, Arav asks him about the arrangements. He says they are good and asks how did he arranged money without advance. He says he took Akash’s friend’s help and will pay them once he gets his payment. Neil gets ready for engagement and tells RK that he is confused. RK asks him to elope with Ragini. He says he is not a youngster and has passed that age. Pam calls RK and asks about Neil. RK says Neil does not want to get engaged. Neil while walking in reminisces Ragini reuniting with her and telling she missed him a lot and wanted to hug and cry, etc.

Pam takes him to stage and makes him sit next to Nivedita. Pandit asks Nivedita to dorn ring in Neil’s finger. She tries, but Neil stops her and says he wants to talk to her. He says he don’t want to marry her as this relationship will take them nowhere. He says she will become his wife but he will never become her husband. He loves only Ragini from before, even now and in the future. Nivedita says she loves him. Neil says now life has given them a second chance to reunite and lead a family life with children. Nivedita hugs him and asks him not to do this. She says she loves him truly, but he loves Ragini, so she is letting him go. Neil leaves. Nivedita cries. Keep reading.

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