Neil and Ragini rekindle their romance on a journey in Sony’s Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar

In Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar, RK gets tensed seeing Neil and Ragini in a restaurant and tries to stop Pam seeing them. Aman sees Neil and starts hiding his face. He tells Nivedita that this table has rahu problem, so they should sit on another table. RK goes to Neil and asks him take Ragini from there as Pam is here and may overreact. Ragini tells Neil they should go from there as she does not want Pam to yell at her in anger and she wants to make their moment memorable.

Aman hides himself under table and gets up once Neil and Ragini leave. Aman says he wanted to make her smile with his weird behavior. Nivedita smiles. Pam sees Nivedita with Aman, thinks she considered Nivedita as her sister and shares all her secrets with her. Neil and Ragini while traveling in a car joke that Pam is like a hindi film villian for them and laugh.

They reach a dhaba to have food. Neil says to Ragini that he will come in the morning to pick her up for Pune. Neil comes to Ragini’s house and on their way, Neil says he is feeling good and says they don’t have any hurdles today. He says our ride will be beautiful. Suddenly the car stops, Ragini asks didn’t you get the petrol tank filled. Neil says he told Karan to get it filled, but don’t know. An Old couple stops the car and agrees to give lift. Ragini and Neil sit in the car. They talk to the couple and tell that they are married since 20 years.

Nivedita sees Pam and greets her good morning smilingly. She says her mood is good. Pam asks where she was last night. Nivedita says she went for a dinner. Pam says she was in the same restaurant and saw her with a man on a date. Nivedita says she went with Dr. Aman. Pam says she can date Aman if she wants as he likes her dressing style, etc.

Nivedita talks to someone and says Neil and Ragini’s romance will be over once again. She turns and realizes RK is listening to her with head phone on his head. Pam redials the number and the man tells that he will end Ragini and Neil’s love chapter. Pam comes to Nivedita and asks whom did you call just now? Pam says your friend was talking about ending Neil and Ragini’s chapter. Pam asks her to be careful. Nivedita acts as innocent and says she is not doing anything and asks her to have trust on her.

Neil and Ragini have a romantic dinner near the bonfire. Neil recalls everything and is alive because of those memories. Ragini and Neil reach home. Agam and Suhani taunt them. Neil says Pam must be waiting for him. Ragini asks Neil to sit as even children are insisting. Neil agrees. Agam and Suhani tell they will serve them. A man gets out of airport, calls someone and tells in a few minutes someone’s drama curtains will be out.

Arav meets his friend who gives him client’s cheque. Arav sees 2 months’ PDC and asks how he will manage. Friend says it is client’s policy and asks if he should accept order or not. Arav says he can as they will get money after 2 months at least. Neil takes Agam and Suhani to Karan’s restaurant. RK and Karan ask him how was Pune trip. He says it was good and he enjoyed giving speech in seminar. Neil says they were busy in their meetings and did not meet much.

Ragini reminisces Ranbir’s childhood and Neil getting her sari on Ranbir’s birthday as it is also her birthday. Neil calls her to wish her happy birthday. She gets emotional and says she used to look at her phone every year at 12 a.m. and get sad. He says he is now with her and cannot stay without her now. He says he will sets things right and has thrown a party for her. He says he just arranged cake at Karan’s dhaba. Agam sees Neil talking to Ragini over phone and tells Suhani that dad is planning something big for Ragini. Pam also hears Neil and hears about his party for Ragini.

Neil calls Ragini and asks her to reach hotel on time. Nivedita takes Suhani to Rupali’s home and Calls Neil to come there as Suhani is crying. Neil reaches Rupali’s home and sees Suhani crying. Neil tells Suhani and Nivedita that he will go back to Ragini’s birthday celebration. Nivedita asks him not to tell that he was in Rupali’s home as she may get upset. Suhani says she is right and says he should not spoil mom’s happiness.
Arav goes to Babu Don’s den and requests him to give him some more time to return his money. Babu Don says he will let him today to celebrate his mom’s birthday, but he will not spare him tomorrow. Arav thanks him and leaves. Ragini comes to the party. RK asks to switch off light. Ragini enters with Naani and calls Neil. RK swithces on light and wishes her happy birthday.Ragini thanks Karan and RK for surprise party. Karan says she should thank Neil as it is his idea. Nishi comes and wishes her happy birthday. Cake comes and Karan asks her to cut cake. She says let us wait for Neil and Suhani. Neil comes with Suhani. She thanks him for surprise party and asks where he had been. Keep reading.

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