Leela saves Rudra’s life in Mahakumbh

Rudra finds the information from Shivanand by making him recall Naags and how his family suffered. Rudra asks him how will Garuda powers get activated. Shivanand says the Naags have to die, then Garuda will get activated. Shivanand says Garuda asked for a blessing, if any Naag dies, then one Garuda power will be activated. Rudra asks how will this happen. Thapadiya Maai says Leela got conscious. Leela says she has returned his favor by telling about his dad, he did another favor on her by saving her life.

Leela says you have one more reason Rudra, you saved my life and I will save Maya’s life. Grierson takes Balivesh and Devesh to meet his new boss and is stunned seeing its Professor Rao. ao asks them to do as Naags say and Grierson will do what he says. He says whatever happened here should not come on anyone’s tongue, else they will be killed. Leela says she is here to cure Maya, and says she will not harm her. Rudra says we will wait outside.

The Garudas leave and wait. Rudra says we found out how to activate your powers. Rudra says when a Naag is sacrificed, then a Garuda power will be activated. Tiwari says we have a Naag here right now. Tiwari says Shivanand can become Garuda by killing her, else our duty towards Amrit protection and humanity, will be sacrificed. Bhairavi asks Dansh is he ready for the deal. She says Garudas knows they need to sacrifice a Naag to activate their powers, and you have sent Leela there yourself, I think now they have to sacrifice Leela. Guru comes and says my daughter will not be sacrificed. Leela tells Rudra about the poison antidote to save Maya which can be found in poisonous place.

Rudra asks the address and she guides him. Katherine says Balivesh’s Guru meets Naags. Rudra comes to the Balivesh’s Guru’s place. He recalls Leela’s words about the signs left for other Naags to follow and reach the Vishkendra. he man laughs and asks him to kill him, and says alive Naag can take Vish from this Vishkendra. He says the other solution, to take poison in his blood, but he will die soon. Rudra beats him and bends his head in the liquid. Rudra makes him bite his hand and leaves him. Rudra gets shaken up and sees his hand turning green. The man says you have last 5mins of your life, if poison does not come out, then no one can save him. Rudra comes out of Vishkendra and gets under the effect of poison.

Dansh tells Bhairavi that Rudra will die. Charles tells Leela that she will not go alive if Rudra does not come back. Leela tells them that Rudra will have to take poison in his body, he can’t bear it for long. Thapadiya Maai slaps Leela and says Garudas will never die, go and tell Dansh. Rao smiles and sees the Naag clan digging the ground. He tells Grierson that rats dig and Naags control it, Balivesh and Devesh are Naag’s rats, I know we will get Amrit, by Garuda or Naag, we will become its producers, after the Maha Shiv ratri, the world will have two Lords. Rao is on the way with Grierson. Rudra comes and falls infront of his car. Grierson gets down the car and looks at Rudra. He sees poison in his nerves and checks his breath. He says he is dead. Rao says he can’t die, Garuda head can’t die without the fight.

Grierson says Balivesh that Rudra is dead. Rao brings Rudra to all Garudas. Charles asks Leela to save Rudra. Thapadiya Maai asks Leela to return Rudra’s favor which she remembers, and begs her to save Rudra and Maya’s lives. Rao says whatever the clan, but she knows she can save him, if he dies infront of her, she will not be able to forgive herself all her life. Dansh tells Bhairavi that he is sitting in Naag lok and killed Garuda head by making him have poison, and fires three bullets in his honor. Bhairavi says the one who runs more fast than his ability, falls over, and time will show who will win and who will lose. Leela cuts her wrist and drops her blood on Rudra’s hand to cure him.

Rudra starts showing movements, and Leela stumbles. Charles holds her and sees Rudra getting unaffected by the poison. Rudra opens his eyes. Guru ji comes and says he has to talk something important, but it looks its not right time. Dansh says this is the right time. Guru says Bhairavi came to deal, before the Garudas get strong, we have to get the third book and need Bhairavi’s help. Will Rudra save Maya and protect Amrit? Keep reading.

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