Disha breaks her relation with Ram for her mum’s death in Sony’s Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane

In Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane, Ram reminisces his happier times with Anu, telling Disha that he will arrange 10 lakhs and will save Anu for sure. Panditji wakes him up and asks him to continue Anu’s last rights pooja. He immerses Anu’s ashes in water and keeps a small pot for himself. Arav tells Disha that he is feeling hungry and asks her to make Papa’s favourite chai biscuits. Disha reminisces all instances like Inspector telling Anu’s murder is not natural and Ram must have killed her, Ram running seeing inspector, etc. Ram calls on landline phone. Disha tells him that Police suspect him for mamma’s death. She asks if he is involved. Ram reminisces leaving Anu near life support switch and leaving. He says yes, as he did not have any other option.

Disha feels devastated on hearing the truth. She tells Ram that both her parents died, so he should not try calling her. Ram is shocked. She says to Arav that our papa is dead now and hugs him. Ram walks on the road recollecting Disha’s words and a Car rams into him making him fall on the road. Inspector takes Ram to a hospital, gets him admitted and asks doctor about the Ram’s condition. Doctor says patient’s condition is serious and it will take another 24 hours to say anything. Inspector finds only ash pot with him. Disha goes to Anu’s room, reminisces their happier time and cries hugging her photoframe. She says to Arav that they don’t have parents now and says she will take care of him.

Disha goes to school. The Teacher asks Disha to clear 3 months fees, else she will not let her attend school again. Disha gets worried and thinks how to arrange money. She reminisces Anu telling Ram that she has done fixed deposit for her children. She goes to the bank and asks Bank manager to open her fixed deposit. Manager says she is minor, so she should get nominee signature to break fixed deposit. Ram gains conscious on hospital bed and says Arav and Disha’s name. Doctor asks wardboy to give him pain injection and make him asleep. Disha sees all grocery bottles empty and says she will buy from the market.

Arav tells Disha that they don’t have biscuit to eat. She hears neighbour’s wife shouting at him for taking food for them. The Neighbor brings the food and asks her to take it. Disha says they already had meals. As he leaves, Arav asks for food as they were hungry. Disha gets eggs from market and serves him omlette sandwich. She stays hungry and makes him eat. Arav realizes that she is purposefully making him eat. They both share an emotional moment. Ram’s house owner asks Disha to clear 5 month’s rent, else asks her to vacate the house in 2 days. Karan gives 1 month rent and says Ram will come soon. Disha says her papa will never come back and she will vacate house in 2 days. Disha’s friend suggests her to get school hostel accommodation.

Disha seeks help from her teacher about the hostel accommodation. Kapoor is busy in pooja with Mallika and Manav. Manav and Mallika’s children sit for breakfast. Sooraj says house is lively today because of children. Sooraj says if Disha and Arav come and stay it would be even more lively. Kapoor asks Mallika to convince Disha and bring her back home. Mallika is tensed that papa will bring Disha and Arav home as he is blaming himself responsible for Anu’s death. Disha leaves the house with Arav after giving keys to neighbour to be given to house owner. She reminisces Anu’s words that she loves their house and would like to buy it, etc.

Kapoor happily waits for Mallika and Manav to come home with Disha and Arav. They both come and tell Disha insulted them. They add that she refused to stay with kapoor. He gets irked and says let her stay in poverty, she will realize the value of money. Disha and Arav reach girl’s hostel and asks Arav to stay outside while she gets her room keys. She goes to warden room and asks her about Arav .Warden says he can’t stay with her. Disha says Arav is staying at Uncle’s house.

Disha comes to her room and throws cloth rope from balcony to drag Arav into her room. Arav holds rope and gets in. Disha picks him half way and asks him to throw ball to another direction to divert warden attention. Suraj’s wife speaks to her son Ayan and gets happy on hearing that he is coming back. Kapoor calls Suraj and asks him to go to his Pune office for 5 days. He says Ayan is coming home in 2 days, Kapoor gets happy and asks Manav to go to Pune. Manav asks Kapoor why is he giving so importance to Servant. Kapoor says Suraj is his loyal employee since 40 years, so he does not like him to talk about Suraj or his family. Disha gives bath to Arav in hostel’s common bathroom. Cleaner comes and shouts seeing Arav taking a bath in a shower. Keep reading.

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