Ashok gets Pratap arrested to ruin Ratan Singh’s reputation in Sony’s Muh Boli Shaadi.

In Muh Boli Shaadi, Ratan Singh throws Kathori out of the house. On the other side, Nikhil comes to the kitchen and try to make dal chawal. Everyone sit to have dinner and Sahil and Akhil find hard to eat. Ashok asks them to eat silently and not to insult food. Nikhil picks Anmol’s call who asks him to meet her in the balcony. Nikhil tells her that he cooked the food. Anmol says she wanted to tell him about the scooter and tells about Pratap compromising with his scooter. Nikhil says it is okay. He asks her to give some time, so that he can fulfill her dreams. Anmol gets happy. Nikhil says I love you. Anmol thinks Nikhil is thinking too much to become my good life partner. She thinks to cook for Nikhil’s family.

In the morning, Anmol makes herb aloo by reading the receipe on net for Nikhil’s family. Nikhil sees scooter cover missing and looks around. He sees Kathori sleeping covering herself with the scooter cover. Akhil tells Ashok that this is Ratan Singh’s new conspiracy. Bua ji asks them to throw Kathori out of the house and wash scooter cover. Kathori falls on her feet and asks her not to kick her out of the house. Kathori tells Bua ji that she will do the house hold work for free. She started praising Ashok and takes him in her words. Ashok gets happy. Anmol gives the tiffin to Nikhil and says she made aloo dish for her sasural family. Nikhil gets happy and says his family will eat the food made by bahu. He takes the tiffins and leaves.

Nikhil tells Ashok that his friend sent vegetable dish. Ashok gets happy. Everyone sit for dinner. Ashok opens the tiffin and sees Aloo Dish. Everyone shout after eating spicy food. Nikhil praises the dish and eats to prove that it is tasty. He asks Ashok to eat as well. Nikhil stops kathori from throwing the dish and puts everything in his plate to eat. Neelam searches for her tiffin and asks Anmol about it. Neelam says that tiffin had Ratan Singh written on it. Anmol calls Nikhil and asks him to return the boxes fast, as those boxes will reveal their truth as it has Ratan singh written on it. Nikhil asks Kathori to give the boxes when she was cleaning the utensils.

Nikhil tells Seema that he got married to Anmol. Seema gets shocked. A Woman comes to Ashok house and says she comes from an agency as Ratan singh needs a maid. Ashok calls Kathori and tell her to say about Ratan Singh’s torture. Kathori says they torture the servant and keeps her hungry. The maid gets scared and leaves. Nikhil hears Pratap shouting at Ashok. Pratap gets angry on knowing this and throws egg on Akhil, Ashok and Bua ji. Neelam provokes Anmol to throw egg on Nikhil. Anmol throws the egg on Nikhil, but it falls on Bua ji. Ratan Singh gets happy. Ashok gets irked and curses them for spoiling their religion. He throws gangajal on his house for cleaning. Bua ji and others take bath.

Anmol tells Nikhil that she did a research on married couples and wants to spend quality time with him. Nikhil says it is not possible as he needs some time to tell everyone about the marriage. Anmol ask Nidhi what to wear as she is going to spend time with her hubby. Anmol says she should look beautiful for the special moment and asks for her opinion in choosing dress. Mala hires the servant and ask her to work from today. Ashok shouts on Ratan Singh to come out of house. Ratan Singh and his family see Police Inspector. Ashok asks Inspector to arrest Pratap. The Inspector tells that Pratap tried to hurt Ashok’s family. They arrest and take him to Police station. Ratan singh is shocked.

Anmol cries and blames herself as it was her idea. Nikhil worries for her, climbs the balcony and looks for Anmol’s room. Nidhi takes him to Anmol’s room. Anmol hugs him and cries. Nikhil tries to console Anmol and says he will handle everything and asks her not to get tears in her eyes again. He says I can bear anything, but not tears in her eyes. He offers to take back police complaint and Pratap will come home. Nikhil sees Pratap coming in Police jeep.

Anmol and Nidhi see Inspector with Ratan Singh. Anmol identifies him to be the same Inspector who knows about her marriage with Nikhil. The Inspector asks Ratan Singh about Anmol. Nidhi comes down and says Anmol can’t come downstairs as she is preparing for Pooja to fulfill the mannat. Anmol thinks what to do to skip meeting Inspector. Ratan Singh asks Nidhi to inform Anmol to come down as Sushil is waiting. Nidhi asks Anmol to come down as there is no other go. Anmol gets tensed and thinks she will get caught by the Inspector. Keep reading.

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