Anu switches off life support system and dies, shattering Ram in Sony’s Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane.

In Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane, Anu gets a panic attack reminiscing Ram asking to get his organs and in exchange of hospital bills. Nurse tells Ram he should not have created a scene. Suraj tells Anu’s dad that Anu and Ram came back after 18 years and now only Ram came, there must be something. Dad says she used to call me papa, but left him for Ram, he will never spare her. Disha calls Ram and asks how is Anu. He says she is fine. Arav says he wants to meet Anu and asks him to come and take him. Ram says visiting hours are over now. Ram reminisces telling she is in very pain and needs mukti/peaceful death. He feels very helpless. He sees Dr. Trehan coming after checking Anu and asks how is Anu. He says Anu is in severe pain, if pain continues, he will have to cut nerves. Ram feels devastated and goes back to Anu’s room. She wakes up, says she does not have much time and wants her 3rd wish fulfilled. He asks her to stop her illegal demand.
Ram’s house owner comes to collect rent and sees his house locked. Ram comes. Owner asks rent. Ram says he is in very bad condition and his wife is in hospital.

Owner says nobody is saved from cancer and Anu will also die. Ram slaps him. Owner yells if he does not get rent in 1 week, he will kick him out of his house. Ram imagines Anu who says he left her alone in hospital on life support. She asks if it is important to die each moment and laughs. She says Arav did not have food as he scolded him on phone. He apologizes Arav and hugs him. Ram goes to temple and telling god that he hates god, but his wife is god’s disciple, even then god is punishing her and has left her in severe pain. If she does not get well, he will continue hating him throughout his life. He goes to her and says he cannot see her in pain anymore, so he has decided that she should go now. Anu starts crying.

He says he is ready to fulfill her 3rd wish. He starts crying vigorously and says he will get children tomorrow to let them meet her last time and leaves. Ram asks Arav to wear mamma’s favorite red shirt. Ram searches for Anu’s bangles and make up box. Disha gives him. He asks them not to cry if mamma says something. Ram takes Disha and Arav to hospital. Disha asks Arav not to cry in front of mamma. Anu starts her lines and tells she has grown up and is taking care of Arav and papa well. Ram wipes his tears and takes them to Anu’s room. Arav runs and hugs her and leans for some time. Disha goes and hugs her. Anu gets emotional. Disha says she is preparing food for papa and taking care of Arav. Nurse gives Dr. Trehan Anu’s report and asks if nothing can be done now. He says her cancer is in last stage and needs 10 lakhs for treatment.

Disha and Arav sing for Anu that they love her a lot and are a happy family. Disha sees tears in Anu’s eyes and asks if she wants to tell something. Anu holds her hand. She then waves them good bye emotionally with tears rolling down her cheeks. Ram gets into Anu’s room and makes her wear his mom’s bangles. Anu gets more emotional and says she wants to speak to papa. He says he will make her hear his voice and calls Kapoor’s landline. Kapoor speaks to her and asks her to come to his once she comes back to Mumbai. Anu gets happy and starts crying. Disha reminisces Anu holding her hand and crying. Ram shows her mangalsutra, bindi, nail polish and applies nail polish to her nails and then applies sindhoor. He hugs her hand and forehead and tells he will fulfill her third wish and walks towards switch to switch off life support.

He says he cannot switch if off. Mr. Kapoor checks patient’s file and is shocked to see it is Anu’s. He drops file in shock. Anu tells Ram that she herself will switch off life support. Ram gets up slowly and with his trembling hands pushes Anu’s bed towards life support switch. He leaves the room with teary eyes. Mr. Kapoor rushes to hospital with Suraj, Manav, and Malvika and asks receptionist where is Anandita Kapoor.

Kapoor then sees Ram walking senselessly and asks where is Anu. Ram walks out without saying anything. Anu with great difficulty switches off life support switches and gasps for air. Kapoor reaches her room and says her papa has come to her. Suraj informs nurse that Anu’s condition is critical. Dr. Trehan checks Anu’s pupils. Nurse gives her electric shock, but to no avail. Doc comes out and tells Kapoor that Anu is no more. Kapoor is devasted to hear that and starts crying vigorously. He asks how can she give such a big punishment to her papa. He requests to open her eyes one time and let her father give a chance to repent. Keep reading.

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