Anu dies leaving Ram in emotional turmoil in Sony’s Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane.

In Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane, Anu dies leaving her loving husband and kids behind in turmoil. Disha and Arav cry seeing their mum dead. Mr. Kapoor tries to console Disha and says he is her Nana, but she asks him to stay away from them and refuses to have any relation with him. Nurse comes to Anu’s room and is shocked. She notices that life support system is switched off and bed is also shifted near the switch box. She informs the Doctor, who inturn informs to Mr. Kapoor. Mr. Kapoor fumes and blames Ram. Police starts the investigation. Karan overhears their conversation and asks Ram not to enter the hospital. Police team decides to call in finger prints experts to take the sample. Disha calls Ram, but his number is not reachable.

Mr. Kapoor accuses Ram for Anu’s death. Disha couldn’t bear anything against her innocent father and shots back at him angrily. Karan hides Ram in a warehouse to keep him away from Police’s eyes. Disha asks Mr.Kapoor to leave as she feels he is not related to them. Nurse tells the doctor that she had caught Ram fidgeting with the medical equipments. Anu’s body is released by the hospital after the formalities are done. Everyone get shocked seeing the CCTV footage camera as Ram was with Anandita before her death. Police says Ram is the prime suspect in this case. Disha mourns looking at Anu’s dead body. She picks sari from cupboard, reminisces Ram wearing it and Anu telling she will wear it on a special occasion.

The neighbors talk that Ram loves Anu so much, then why is he missing, he must have done something. Manav starts his acting and asks him to get into car. Malvika starts her acting, says she is feeling sad that she could not do anything for her sister. Ram is locked inside room and shouts to open door. He breaks open locks and rushes to hospital. Kapoor tells Disha she can wait for Ram, but he will not let his daughter’s body spoil, so he will see who will stop him to do the last rights. In hospital, Nurse sees Ram and asks what is he doing here instead of doing his wife’s last rights. Inspector comes and asks him to come with him to investigate Anu’s murder. Ram runs from there, gets into taxi and asks driver to drive fast as he has to do last rights.

Karan convinces Disha to take Anu’s deadbody to burial ground as it is getting spoilt. She agrees. Ram reaches house and hears ladies discussing if Ram has killed Anu due to financial difficulties, Dsiha and Arav will not forgive him. Anu’s last rights start with pandit starting pooja before setting Anu’s body on fire. Inspector reaches spot. Pandit asks to call Anu’s husband for sit body on fire. Disha asks Karan where is papa. Karan says he thought Ram would come here. Disha takes pot and says she has first and last right on her mom. Ram reaches the the spot and is surprised to see Disha doing Anu’s last rites. Karan asks him to go from there as police is suspecting him.

Disha comes home after performing Anu’s last rights. Kapoor says he loves her and Arav as they are Anu’s children. Disha says she is only her parent’s child. She says she does not want him in their lives. Mallika asks Kapoor to come as she does not like Disha insulting him. Kapoor tries to walk. Disha breaks her piggy bank and hands over money to him for Anu’s last rites expenses. Mallika yells that a small girl insulted them all and gave them change money as expenses. Ram is in a park. Anu comes and sits next to him and says she will not leave him so easily. He says he wants to go to hill station leaving this city. She says it is a good idea but what about children. Karan comes and asks him to stop talking to himself. Kapoor reminisces kicking out Anu when she came to him and says he would have hugged Anu and known she has a cancer.

Ram reaches burial ground and asks pandit to give Anu’s ashes. Pandit says Disha took it. Inspector says to Disha that nurse informed that Ram tried to manipulate oxygen mask twice and says he has got Ram’s arrest warrant. Karan asks Ram to run from there as police got his arrest warrant and are searching him. Inspector says that proves Ram killed Anu. She says her papa is a musician and not murderer and cannot kill her mamma. Ram reaches window, picks Anu’s ash pot and runs from there. Inspector realizes Ram must have come and runs out. Kapoor feels guilty as he could not save Anu. He asks suraj to go and check if Anu’s ashes are immersed in river. Kapoor says inspector he wants Ram to be behind bars at any cost. Inspector says not to worry. Ram asks Karan to inform Disha and Arav to come to Dadar bus stop as he wants to take them to immerse Anu’s ashes in Nasik River.

Constable follows Disha and Arav to the bus stop. Arav sees Ram standing and shows him to Disha. Ram walks towards them but sees police and runs. Mallika and Suraj see Kapoor crying holding Anu’s childhood drawings and telling he is remembering Anu a lot. Kapoor says he will not spare Ram and will punish him. Disha nurses Arav’s wounds. Arav asks why did papa run. Disha says she knows Inspector has taken bribe from kapoor and is alleging her papa. She says she knows Kapoor wants papa behind bars and hired inspector for that. Karan says Ram killed Anu. Disha is shocked to hear that and reminisces Ram’s recent changed behavior. Keep reading.

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